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Sock Matching Folder Game (free)

 I'm really into folder games right now.  I love the concept of an easy to transport game that requires very little set up.  We've even bought a laminating machine lately to fuel my printables obsession.

I've even been using my digital scrapbooking ( program to make my own folder games to go with our preschool themes for next school year.  The one I'd like to share today is a Sock Matching File Folder game.  The socks are clip art from my favorite website,  There are two "game board" pages and one page of socks to cut out and match.  I like to store my folder games, covered in page protestors, in a 3-ring binder (like Staples Better Binders) and keep the game pieces in labeled ziplock bags.  I use a 3-ring zipper pouch in the front of the binder to keep all the bags together.  You can also store dry erase crayons or markers in the pouch for worksheets or games.

Click on the link below to download the game.  Enjoy.

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