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s is for seeds

Another strange week because the kids were sick.  We did a bit of schooling but not nearly enough.  I had a friend point out to me that we're doing a lot of school just having the kids home with me and including them in the life of the house.

Theme: seeds

Practical: extracting seeds from a sunflower (planned but never happened)
                  pouring and scooping seeds
                  planting a seed (never happened)

Sensory: seed sensory bin

Educational: Youtube video of a seed sprouting
                       talked about the "seeds we eat" every meal
Work Boxes: identifying and sorting seeds
                       coloring (never happened)

Books: "The Tiny Seed"
             "Seed in Need"
             "How Does a Seed Grow"

Song: "The Johnny Appleseed Song"

Outing:  This week was our once-a-month excursion to the big city.  This month, that trip also included a visit to the pediatric dentist.  Dragonfly saw braces on someone's teeth for the first time.  We also had a social worker into our house this week for her monthly visit (we're foster parents).

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