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Costumes for Play Time

I've already started thinking about the Toddlers Christmas presents (it's the beginning of Oct).  My plan is to make them a dress-up/costume box.  Here is my plan so far:

- crowns (Ravelry)
- chain-mail (here)

- hooded "princess" cape

- repurposed dress shirt into doctor's coat (here)
- cowboy vests (here)
- dancing ribbon
- "apron" dress (like this and this)

- business "man" apron
- ribbon skirt (like this)
- snow cape (like this)
-  jedi robe (here)

- break-away super hero capes ($ store)
- fancy skirt (thrift store)
- Halloween clearance stuff (gloves, masks, etc)
- dollar store apron (shopkeeper, gardener, barista)
- dance shoes (thrift store)
- leotard

I also found lots of other ideas from Pinterest.  Check out this inspiration:

 - princess hair wigs (here and here and here and here)
- superhero costume (here)
- felt glasses (here)
- boot covers (here)
- twirly skirt (here)
- astronaut costume (here)
- mailman/nurse/contractor/chef costumes (here)
- mermaid (similar to this but knit)
- bracelets (here)
- soft wings (here)

 - chef's hat (here)
- light saber (here)
- cowboy chaps (here)
- superhero masks (here and here)
- superhero gloves (here)
-hobbit cloak (here)
- flower crown (here)

As you can see, I have a lot of room to expand our collection.  Have fun pretending!

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