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Progress on the Montessori Map

I've been working steadily on the Montessori felt map.  Here's what I've gotten done so far:

By day three, I had completed the cutting and sewing of South America, Antarctica, and Africa.  Because this is a Montessori map, the continents are done in "Montessori" colors: pink for South America, white for Antarctica, and green for Africa.

By day six, yesterday, I have finished cutting and sewing Europe and Australia.  I didn't buy enough orange for North America, so I haven't finished it yet.  Last is Asia, the biggest and most complicated continent.  I still need to add the major bodies of water to the last four continents.

I'm hoping to get started on the "land and water" map this weekend.  I have been putting it off because it seems so complicated.  Also, it's been really hot and draping wool, even a wool map, over my lap isn't very enjoyable right now.

How about you- how do you deal with big craft projects?

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