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How Does the Four Gifts Rule Work?

Our family does "the four gift rule" for Christmas presents- "something I want, something I need, something to wear, something to read."  I really enjoy this way of organizing presents, because I feel it makes the gift giving simple and easy to track.  Mainly for our benefit, but perhaps for someone else's enjoyment, here was our list for the year.

*Prices to show items bought on sale*

Want- Star Wars bathroom supplies
Need- 500 count sheets (reg $75, sale $23)
Wear- Sriracha t-shirt and beanie
Read/Watch- DVD
- toothbrush
- spicy snacks
- candy
- coffee bar

Want- Melissa and Doug doll and DIY moses bed with blanket
Need- DIY circle skirt, DIY hat, and sippy cup
Wear- foot pjs
Read/Watch- Polar Express Blu-Ray (reg $27.98, sale $7.99)
- doll bottle
- pink dress-up mask (DIY)
- Frozen characters
- toothbrush
- princess fan w/candy
- candy

Want- stuffed Olaf (reg $17.99, sale $8.95) and DIY Olaf blanket
Need- DIY fleece hat, sippy cup, and massager (for sensory needs)
Wear- footie pjs
Read/Watch: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs DVD
- planes fan w/candy
- toothbrush
- blue dress-up mask (DIY)
- candy

Want- Green Toys helicopter
Need- fleece hat and sippy cup
Wear- foot pjs
Read/Watch: John Deere Action
- star wars fan w/candy
- toothbrush
- candy
- blue dress-up mask (DIY)

Need- coffee mug
Wear- Croc slippers (reg $44.99 , sale $22.49

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