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Knit Swimsuit (archived post)

This post (from my former blog "A Yarn About Knitting") was first published on Oct. 21, 2009.

I just completed my first real article of clothing [edited: since beginning knitting in 2005] and my first piece of clothing for a doll.  This pink and black beach set was knit with love out of acrylic super soft yarn.  Please feel free to replicate and improve it.  I'm not addicted to doll knitting [editted: no kidding- I just found over twenty doll outfits that I have knit over the years].  Perhaps when I get all the items on my Christmas to-do list done, I can try some sweaters, bath robes, pants sets, and even footie pajamas [edited: all for dolls].  I'm pretty excited.

The Suit:
I started the swimsuit at the bottom, knitting it in two pieces on size 2 needles.  Once past the legs, I joined the two pieces and knit in the round (92 stitches) until the piece was about five inches long (about an inch under the doll's arms).  I cast off the back and began shaping the front with decreases on each side.  Then, I created the straps, which crisscrossed and buttoned in the back.  To finish, I sewed the bottom flaps together.  I'm sure that if I was more skilled in this area, I could knit the whole thing in one piece by using a temporary cast on.

The Cover
This piece was knit in a simple lace pattern (yo, k2tog).  It's tied on with two i-cord straps, which I attached with a needle.

The Sunglasses:
I bought the glasses at Michael's craft store.  I added a piece of elastic to hold them onto the doll's head better.

The Sandals:
Trace the doll's foot onto black craft foam.  Cut out four pieces.  Knit an i-cord for the strap.  Glue the straps to two of the soles and glue another foam shape to each sole, sandwiching the i-cord in between the foam.  Punch holes into the soles and add elastic to help the sandals stay on better.  Finish with cheery flower buttons.

Jan. 2016 update: Here is a free "bodysuit" pattern which you could use to create your own swimsuit.

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