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Thread Storage

I have a simple storage solution to share with you today- a thread storage box.  I'm a beginner seamstress, but I already have quite a collection of thread colors.  I saw an idea on Pinterest for storing the bobbins and the thread together and the idea for this box was born.  I started with a plastic shoebox, but a larger box would be fitting as well.  On the bottom of the box, I placed a custom-cut piece of peg board.  Then, I cut dowel rods to be five inches long or so (you want them short enough that they won't interfere with the box).  Next, I hot glued the rods into the holes of the peg board, spacing them to leave room for the thread spools (mine was every other row).  To finish, slip the thread spoons on the rods and stack the bobbin on top.  Easy and done.

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