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Mammal Skulls 3-part Cards

FREE 3-Part Cards for Safari Ltd Mammals Skulls from In Our Pond

My Dinosaur Skulls cards have proved so popular that I was inspired to create 3-part cards for the Mammals Skulls Safari Toob as well.  The animals can be found in the Wild Toob and the Dolphins and Whales Toob for more matching fun.

FREE 3-Part Cards for Safari Ltd Mammals Skulls from In Our Pond

I've decided to include picture of both the skulls and the animal to help with identification.  Children can match just the cards, the skull cards and the toob figures, or all three.  Older kids can practice spelling or writing the animal names or can match the labels to the pictures or figures.  Parents and children can talk about similarities and differences between the animals and why the animal skulls are shaped the way that they are for each animal.  These could also be used to talk about carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore.  No matter what the age of your children, there's always something to learn from Safari toobs!

To download the cards, click here.

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