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Chicken Life Cycle 3-Part Cards

I made these chicken life cycle cards by special request from one of my readers!  I love making special things for all of you.  These Montessori-inspired cards can be used in the traditional 3-part way to help kids learn how chicken's grow.  As a bonus, they match the Safari Ltd Life Cycle Set with its adorable plastic figurines.

Click on the link and enter the password to download the PDF printable.  Then, print two copies of the cards and laminate them if desired.  Cut one set of cards out whole, leaving the picture and label connected.  To make the Montessori method "3-parts," cut the second set of cards out and separate the picture and label.  Now, you should have three parts for each step in the life cycle- a card with the picture and label (whole), a card with the words (part), and a card with just the picture (part).

Have the child match the picture with label to the picture card for a basic matching activity.  Step up the difficulty by adding in the Safari Ltd Life Cycle figurines and having the kids place the toys on each picture.  Early readers can read the label card and matching them to the whole card.  Advanced kids can read the label and place them with the picture card and figurine, using the whole card to check their work.  There are so many levels of learning!

The matching cards are simple, but they can be used for spelling, language acquisition, and science class.  Grab your moveable alphabet letters or a fun letter printable from my blog and have kids spell out the words from the cards.  The figurines are also great for sensory bins!  For writing practice, place a bit of cornmeal in a shallow tray and have kids write in it with their finger.  Scroll down for more chicken life cycle ideas.

If you're working on a chicken life cycle theme unit or spring study, I highly recommend these great chicken products and resources.  Click on the colored text to see the products!

I absolutely love the life cycle figurine sets from Safari Ltd!  They have so many different varieties for teaching zoology to kids.  The little figures fit perfectly in kids' hands and help them visualize how animals and insects grow.  You can find printable cards for most of the life cycle sets on my Science menu page, as well as matching cards for most of the Safari Ltd toobs!

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