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Counting to 100 Printable Mat

In kindergarten, kids begin learning to recite the numbers from 1-100 and to count objects to 100.  The task might seem overwhelming, but breaking the big number down into a smaller number makes it easier.  I made this printable for counting out 10 groups of 10 objects each to equal 100.  You can also see from the above picture that the board can also be used to count higher numbers and reinforce concepts of 10's and 1's (ex- 6 groups of 10 equals 60 plus 5 ones).  I made a pink version and a blue version.  As always, they are free to download.  Below are some ideas for using the board.

1. pumpkin seeds
2. pony beads
3. novelty erasers
4. pennies
5. counting bears
6. wood stars
7. m&ms
8. paperclips
9. jungle animals
10. pretend skittles
11. nuts
12. buttons
13. glass stones
14. candy hearts
15. candy corn
16. diy penguins
17. dublo/lego towers
18. chocolate chips
19. little rocks
20. cereal
21. snowflakes
22. flamingos
23. diamonds
24. jellybeans
25. DIY aliens
26. pumpkins
27. hearts
28. chickpeas
29. DIY ladybugs
30. acorns
31. mini marshmallows
32. sticks
33. apple seeds
34. toothpicks
35. foam blocks
36. sunflower seeds
37. google eyes
38. goldfish crackers
39. noodles
40. letters
41. monsters
42. watermelon seeds
43. glow in the dark stars
44. flowers
45. tictacs
46. mini pompoms
47. teddy bear crackers
48. barbie accessories
49. rainbow loom bands
50. raisins

Math counters that can fit in an altoid tin can be found in this blog post.  And here is a list of 100 larger objects that could be counted.


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