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f is for frogs (year 3, week 31)

f is for frogs!  Homeschool Theme Unit  #montessori
Wikimedia Commons

This was our last official week of Mommy School, but we didn't actually do anything related to our theme.  So, here's what we did and a bunch of ideas for a frog-themed homeschool week.

f is for frogs!  Homeschool Theme Unit  #montessoriWhen we arrived home, our yard was filled with dandelion poofs.  I sent Tadpole out in the yard with a pair of children's (blunt) scissors to cut their heads off.  He happily attacked them, sometimes recklessly and sometimes with more concentration.  When he got tried of that game, he

I spent most of the week blogging and putting things back together.  The kids spent it playing and napping.  They're so excited to be home where they can go outside whenever they'd like and can yell and stomp in the house if they want (not in a hotel anymore).  We also reflected on our trip and talked about what we wanted to learn more about from the things we saw.

f is for frogs!  Homeschool Theme Unit  #montessoriBlog Posts About Frogs
- Lily Pad Skip Counting Gross Motor Skills Activity
- e is for eggs (year 2)
- tree frogs (summer theme)

metamorphosis games (frog and butterfly)
counting frogs
what hatches from an egg
tadpole to frog science notebook pages
butterfly lapbook
parts of a frog 3-part cards
frog toob printables
fly counting cards
life cycle of a frog 3-part cards
hungry caterpillar preschool pack

f is for frogs!  Homeschool Theme Unit  #montessori
Wikimedia Commons
croaking frog
frog life cycle video
feed the frog with tweezers
butterfly sensory bin
no sew caterpillar that turns into a butterfly

- life cycle of a frog
- all about amphibians

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