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Tooth 3-Part Cards

Tooth 3-Part Cards Printable from In Our Pond  #teeth  #toothfairy  #dentalunit  #homeschooling  #montessori  #dentist

In the past two weeks, two of my kids have lost teeth for the first time!  This event has spawned a series of dental questions.  I made this set of Montessori-inspired 3-Part Cards to help them understand more about teeth.  The whole project was a huge sacrifice for me, since I really don't like looking at, talking about, or thinking about teeth (eww!).  The cards can be used for matching games, spelling/reading practice, parts identification, and whatever else.

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Tooth 3-Part Cards Printable from In Our Pond  #teeth  #toothfairy  #dentalunit  #homeschooling  #montessori  #dentist

Dental Movable Alphabet Printable from In Our Pond  #teeth  #homeschooling  #dentist  #montessori  #3partcards  #dentalunit  #toothfairy

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