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Montessori-Inspired CORAL REEF 3-Part Cards for Safari LTD Toob

Montessori-Inspired Coral Reef Toob 3-Part Cards // In Our Pond

It's been very brown around here lately.  Uhh!  I'm dreaming of the tropics, especially the colors.  Bright blue, hot pink, orange, yellow, and more!  It sounds so lovely and so far away from the mud season we're having here.  If diving into tropical waters sounds like something you want to do, check out these great books and educational toys to help your kids learn about coral reefs.

Learn more about the coral reef around the world with these great books and educational toys.  Grab a pile for Earth Day or to make any to enhance your ocean studies

I have been working on updating the Safari Ltd printables, putting in better graphics and making more Pinterest images.  As I was going through all of them, I realized that I had never made matching cards for the Coral Reef toob!  I couldn't believe my oversight as this is probably one of the the original toobs.

Montessori-Inspired Coral Reef Toob 3-Part Cards // In Our Pond

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Like the other Safari toobs, the Coral Reef figurines can be used in sensory play.  Try them in slime, play dough, water beads, or the bathtub.  They can be used for math- addition, subtraction, and counting.  Use the matching cards to practice reading, spelling, and grammar.  Let me know your favorite way to use them in the comments below!

Happy Homeschooling!

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Montessori-Inspired Coral Reef Toob 3-Part Cards // In Our Pond

Montessori-Inspired Coral Reef Toob 3-Part Cards // In Our Pond

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