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Children's Books about Christmas Elves

I've been sick all week and it's been tough to keep up with my self-imposed 31-day blogging blitz.  I had hoped to be further along with the crafting and have more to post.  As I was working on elf housing and elf crafts and thinking about my favorite Elf movie, I decided to do a post on Elf children's books.  I wrote a post about Nativity books last year and one about Christmas classics a few weeks ago, but I haven't done anything with Santa or Elves.  Click the red links to add some new elf books to add to your Christmas collection.

Elfie the Elf- A lonely girl meets a elf and begins a heart-warming tale of friendship and learning to accept our differences.  Originally written in 1990 and only just now published, this book will soon become a classic.

Memoirs of an Elf- Take a look at a day in the life of a Christmas elf as he helps Santa deliver presents on Christmas Eve.  When a wiggly surprise shows up at the North Pole, who will save the day?  Contains math and writing tie ins, which make this a great book for homeschoolers or teachers.  The author has a whole collection of Memoir books that looks so interesting and fun- check them out by clicking the link.

Pig the Elf- Pig is a pug dog, who gets tangled up helping Santa.  There's a whole series of Pig the Pug books, which young readers will enjoy if they like this elf story.

The Littlest Elf- Many parents commented that this is the book they had their Elf on the Shelf bring to the kids.  It's a sweet story, which reminds kids that no matter how small they are, they can still bring joy to someone else.

How to Catch an Elf- Many kids want to catch Santa in the very act of giving them gifts, but he can be tricky to snag.  Instead, this book tells you how to capture a smaller prey.  From the author of great books like How to Babysit Grandpa and more, this fun, rhyming book is sure to become a favorite.

Shmelf the Hanukkah Elf- Families that celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas will appreciate this blend of dreidels and Santa.

The Twelve Hats of Christmas- Some elves make cookies in trees and some make toys, but this elf makes hats.  With the rhyme of Dr. Suess and the colorful pages of a Disney movie, the 12 Hats tells kids that the best gift of all is themselves.

The Christmas Elf Countdown- A lift-the-flap board book for toddlers, this book goes through how elves get ready for Christmas.

How to Build an Elf Trap- Although this looks like a sequel to "How to Catch an Elf," they're actually written by two different people.  The book give you twelve ideas for building a trap and has lot of STEM connections, which makes it a sneaky way to teach planning, engineering, math, and more.

I am actually surprised that there aren't more available since the Elf on the Shelf is so popular.  Did I miss any?  Comment below.  What's your favorite elf book?

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