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Toy Cars that Drive Themselves

Toy Cars that Really Go // In Our Pond // Hot Wheels // Power Wheels // battery-powered

I have two young boys, who are the EASIEST to buy toys for!  All they want are CARS THAT GO!  They want race cars that drive themselves, monster trucks that are pull-back-and-go, and anything else that moves without their hand on it.  My six year old asks every man he sees what his favorite car is and has been begging me for a remote control car for two years.  The four year old says that his favorite thing about toy cars is when they're new (haha).  If your kids are anything like my kids, this list is for you.

Toy Cars that Really Go // In Our Pond // Hot Wheels // Power Wheels // battery-powered

Number one on our list right now is the Hot Wheels Turbo Turret Master Blaster, because it has lights and sounds.  Similarly and geared at a bit younger age, the Little Tikes Touch and Go Racer has lots of buttons to push for realistic sounds.  As the name suggests, the Zoomster Push and Go car works with a simple nudge.  The Wiggle and Go Car is great for kids who like to move their own bodies and have the space to make it work.  Oral sensory seeking kids might benefit from Whistle Powered Cars, but I'm sure every kid would love trying them out.  Every kid dreams of owning their own wheels like the Power Wheels Ride-On Vehicle.  My kids love the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks that are molded after real Monster Jam vehicles.  As I already mentioned, my 6-year-old has been fixated on a remote control like this Lightening McQueen for several years.  Babies will enjoy this squishy Pull-Back Bus, which will encourage them to crawl or toddle after it.  Lastly, these Mini Pull-Back Cars are small enough to fit in an Easter egg and would make great stocking stuffers.  Click on the pictures to get details about the vehicles.

Which ones are your favorites?  What would you add?

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Toy Cars that Really Go // In Our Pond // Hot Wheels // Power Wheels // battery-powered

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