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Circus Popcorn Number Match

Although most children probably won't get to experience the wonder and thrill of a real circus in their lifetimes, movies like Dumbo and The Greatest Showman keep the tradition alive.  My kids got to attend a circus at the beginning of the summer, and they've been talking about it ever since.  It just made since to me that I should do a circus week this summer.

A long time ago, I made a number hunt printable with wood tiles for matching.  Now that it's circus week, I thought it would be a good time to revive the post.  I kept the wood tiles and added more popcorn matching sheets with different math concepts.  The tiles and the popcorn tins feature numbers as digits, dominoes, 10-frames, words, and clocks.  The child will learn what the numbers 1-10 looks like at

After printing the popcorn number mats at the link above, grab the number tiles printables from the other blog post.  If assembling the 1" wood tiles, put the number digit on one side and either the clock, 10-frame, or dominoes on the other side.  I prefer to laminate the front side with packaging tape and then use a glue stick to attach them to the tile.

We like to put the letter tiles in a Plastic Popcorn Container and then take turns pulling out one letter at a time and matching it.  The child can match same to same or match two different things.  A number line can also be created by putting all the 1's together, all the 2's together, and so on.

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