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DIY Custom Guess Who Game for Learning and Fun

This post was entirely inspired by my new friends in the Gameschooling facebook group.  Gameschooling is a version of homeschooling, where families play games together and learn many (or most) of what they need to know for life through games.  It was from them that I discovered just how much can be taught through playtime.

Did you know that Guess Who can be customized to be more educational (or even just more fun).  There are version for learning number identification (like this one from  A Love 4 Teaching) and a women in history one from Adventure in a Box.  Often, you can find a used Guess Who game at a thrift store, but even a new set can also be purchased for less than $20 (sometimes as low as $10), which makes it extra affordable to have lots of customized versions.  Here are a few more that I've found.

Skylander Version // Wine and Glue
I actually don't know anything about Skylander, but I thought her game version was cool so I wanted to include it.  Fine out more information on the blog by clicking the colored text.

Harry Potter Version // The Thrifty Nerd
We're also not a Harry Potty Family.  Get the printables on the blog, though.

Family Version // Mad Memories
I made a memory match game out of my husband's relatives for my kids before they met them for the first time.  It really helped with anxiety.  The "Guess Who" version would be fun for after the reunion (or during) when everyone has had a chance to learn all sorts of information about each other.

Dr. Who Version // Karen Kavatt
This set is absolutely amazing!  She went way beyond just switching out the cards- she redid the game.  After repainting the boards a more Whovian color, she made sonic screwdrivers and screw scoring pegs and designed a custom box.  I find it so inspiring.

Artist and Artwork // Teachers Pay Teachers
This one costs money, but I think it's worth it to sneak some art history into the mix.  I also like that it encourages kids to learn more about the artist and their work and to look at the details more closely.  Find it on Teachers Pay Teachers.

US Presidents // Game Board Geek
Since we'll be studying US History this year (read all about it), I think this printable presidents game is very timely.  Of course, there are only 20 slots on a Guess Who board and over 40 presidents, so just make sure that both players have the same list of presidents.

If customizing a game doesn't appeal to you, there are plenty of other Guess Who versions on the market.  Just with a quick search, I spotted a Finding Dory one, a Disney princess version, a Marvel edition, and several custom versions on Etsy.

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