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Personal or Family Timeline Printables

The kids will be studying history for the first time this year.  Since they're encountering the ideas of past, present, and future and being asked to imagine events hundreds of years from today, I know they need to spend a bit of time studying their own history.  A timeline will be an important part of their studies, so I made a colorful one for them to track their own story.

The timeline strips are roughly 10 inches long and encompass an entire year.  I made three versions of the printable: a printer-friendly black and white one which kids can color themselves, a rainbow version, and a colorful one with extra white space for writing events.

I haven't finished our timeline yet, so I don't have a picture to show it in action.  I'm planning on string out several years in the past and a year or so into the future.  I'll have the kids add their pictures to show important dates in their life (I might even have them draw them instead).  Then, we'll add them to the timeline and add to it as we go throughout the year.

We're exploring how to make history more fun for kids with Rock Your Homeschool's summer link-up.  Click the picture to visit the list.  I'm very excited to check out all the ideas for our own school year.

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