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Resources for Studying US States and Capitols

Summertime seems like the perfect time to study US Geography.  Whether you're Partying Through the USA on an epic road trip or staying at home trying to master states and capitols, I've collected a pile of resources for you.  From flashcards to notebooking pages to map and apps, it's all here!

What's the wildest law from your state?  In Idaho, citizens are forbidden from sending a box of chocolate weighing more than 50 pounds!  Comment at the end of the post and tell me something weird about your state.

There are so many great games, books, and toys to help kids learn their US geography.  I've collected some of my favorites.  We have the wall map on the top of the collage picture, and the kids look at it often.  The matching cards for the Safari toob can be found on my blog!

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