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Construction Letter Building

It's almost time to switch over to fall activities, but before we leave summer behind, I had to do one more classic theme.  Construction!  The main highway in our town has been under construction for years (and will be for years to come) so there has been plenty of opportunity for the kids to observe road construction and it's process.

For today's activity, I thought about making roadways, but that has been done.  Instead, I thought we'd focus on a different aspect of construction.  I know that it's not the most authentic building set, but I still think that it turned out very cute.  Besides, my kids like it (wink).

Skimmer (age 5) helped me set up this picture, including placing the washi tape.  The boys are so excited about this letter building kit and can't wait to dive into the activity this week.  Don't you just love these Tool Pens?  They're adorable!

Can you believe that I didn't have any Mini Construction Trucks for the photo shoot?  It seemed almost wrong to do a flatlay without them.  Maybe I'll remedy that by the end of the week (or maybe not).  I really like the big Tonka trucks for outdoor play- my boys even run them through the snow.

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The PDF comes with building pieces for all the upper and lowercase letters.  The set includes long, medium, and short rectangles and two sizes of curves.  There is also letter flashcards for all uppercase letters and the lowercase letters that are not identical to their parent (so A and a but not O and o).  Kids can select any card and copy the letter with the building pieces.  I included a number on each card, which corresponds to the number of pieces used to build each letter.

I printed my set out on cardstock and laminated it for durability.  It's a bit slippery, but velcro and/or felt can be used to help the beams slide less.  Skimmer didn't seem too frustrated with the activity when he was helping me take the pictures.  Alternatively, you could use the building beams as templates to make pieces out of felt or wood.  Manufactured letter building sets are available, as well, if you're looking for something more durable.

If you have kids who would love to do a construction learning theme, be sure to grab some of these great truck books!  Click on the menu picture at the end of the post for more construction learning ideas too!

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