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Squirrel CVC Words

Squirrel!  I'm back today with another squirrel printable!  I have some very reluctant readers in my household, which is really sad because I read ALL THE TIME.  To help entice my kids to start reading, I put together this squirrel CVC printable just in time for autumn!

The kids will be asked to read the word on the acorn and sort the words according to their vowel sound.  They can be told that they're helping the squirrel gather acorns for winter.  Either make this a flat activity be setting the squirrels on a table or make it 3D by taping the squirrels to mason jars, cardboard tubes, or baskets.  For extra fun, the acorns could be hidden in a sensory bin or under leaves, so that they must be found before they can be read and sorted.

I recommend printing the acorns and squirrels on cardstock and then laminating them for durability.  This set should be enough for a small group of kids.  They could even play a game, where they try to be the squirrel with the most acorns.  It is my hope that having kids help squirrels stock up nuts for winter will encourage them to read!

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