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Squirrel Math Activities for Autumn

Autumn is a great time for storing away nuts for winter and counting your stash.  If you're kid is a squirrel disguised as a human, they'll love these nut math activities.  I highly recommend purchasing a pack of fake acorns to use as counters; although, the printable comes with paper acorns, too.  This set can be used alongside your regular curriculum, as part of a squirrel, autumn, or hibernation theme unit, or as a busy bag for learning on the go.

When my kids were a bit younger, these count and clip wheels were very popular on Pinterest.  I don't see them as often anymore, but the basic concept is still great.  Glue the number labels from the printable onto wood clothespins and attach the wheel to a piece of cardboard (cake bases work well).  Have the child clip the correct clothespin onto the place on the wheel showing that number of acorns.  If you want the child to be able to check their own work, write the correct answer (number) on the back of the cardboard, so the clothespin points to it when it's clipped in the right place.

Included in the same download (above) are 21 acorn counting mats.  There is a blank option, where kids can roll a 20-sided dice to determine the number of acorns the squirrel has collected.  Especially helpful in a classroom setting, the PDF also includes 20 numbered counting mats for kids to practice their counting in groups.  Once again, I highly recommend picking up some fake acorns as counters.  Kids could also make acorns out of play dough to count and squish.

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