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Squirrels of North America 3-Part Cards

We've crossed the threshold into autumn!  Well, I haven't personally gone there, but I'm a blogger so it's time to start getting out the fall activities and printables.  All this week, we'll be talking about squirrels, as they are a common feature this time of the year.  I have a lot of apple activities on my blog, but this is my first time doing squirrel stuff.

Fun personal story time- When my daughter, Dragonfly, was about four years old, she sneaked a dead squirrel into her bed.  It had been killed by the cat, but she felt bad for it, and thought that if she snuggled it, she could make it better.  I was shocked and disgusted.  After the incident, we bought her a cute, stuffed animal squirrel to commemorate her tender heart.  She still loves it.  This theme unit is in her honor.

Have you even wondered about the types of squirrels in North America?  I did, so I created this Montessori-inspired set of 3-part cards to help kids learn to identify the different species.  Print two copies of the cards and cut out all the cards.  On one set of cards, also cut the label from the picture.  This creates the 3-parts, which can be used for a matching activity to practice identification and reading.  To expand the lesson, look up the squirrels on Google and make a map of where each species is most likely to be found.

I couldn't just stop at squirrel species, so here are some fun books and toys to build on your autumn squirrel theme.  Of course, I included our favorite stuffed animal, a great counting game for preschoolers, and a sweet book for snuggling on a cold day.  Comment below and let me know if I missed any of your favorites.

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