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Barrel of Apples 20-Frame Math

We've been enjoying the last snippets of summer and cleaning our house to prepare for the new homeschool year.  The kids are excited to start this week.  It's our tradition to start each year with some apple learning activities, including our first apple pie of the season.  Every year, I try to add a bit to our apple printables collection, too.

My kids use 10- and 20-frames for their math workbook, which is part of why I make so many of them.  Plus, they're super easy to customize for all the different themes, seasons, and characters.  Whatever your kid gets excited about can be made into a 10-frame to make math a bit more fun.  (comment below if you have one in mind)  I have several themes available- look for them on my math printables menu page.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that I love using these 1" Wood Disks for all sorts of themed printables.  I used them in my Donut Letters and Watermelon Counters (as well as other places), but I'm dragging them out again to make apple slice counters.  I "laminate" my disks on the front side with packing tape and attach them to the wood with a glue stick.  The wood makes the counters easier to grab and manipulate as kids move them around.

For the counter set that I made for someone, I put red apple slices on one side and green slices on the other side.  Kids can use the different colors to make patterns or so show addition and subtraction.  They can also be used to denote two teams in a roll and cover game (also included in the PDF).

The roll and cover game can be played individually or as a pair.  All you need is the printable, some markers/counters, and two 6-sided dice.  Have kids roll the two dice and add up their total, then cover the correct number with an apple counter.  The person with the most counters on the board when the page is covered wins.  Similarly, kids could roll 3 dice, add them together, and show their total on the 20-frame.  A 20-sided dice is a great addition to the math basket too, and can be rolled and it's number built on the 20-frame.

If you're working on an apple theme unit this autumn, be sure to check out my apple printables collection and the fun apple products below.

More Apple Learning Ideas!
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