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30+ Barbie Craft Videos Perfect for Your Christmas Elf

I am a huge fan of My Froggy Stuff, a doll collector and crafter on Youtube.  She has been inspiring me to create (or make lists of things to create) for several years.  I am always eager to check out her channel and see what she has created recently.  I'm never disappointed with her creativity and skill.

Since it's almost Elf on the Shelf season (December), I thought this would be a great time to post a big roundup of Froggy's videos that can be used for elves as well as dolls.  If you're like our family and use a Barbie doll for an elf, then you're even more golden, because you can make the items without any need for resizing.  I've broken down the content by type: Food, Clothing, Accessories, and Doll Rooms.  Click the colored text and pictures to go to the content.

Christmas Cookies
Whether you're setting up a homey cookie baking scene or leaving milk and cookies for Santa, a set of miniature cookies is almost a requirement for a Christmas elf.  Froggy's easy air dry clay recipe is perfect for cookies and every other tiny food you'd like to make.  If you'd rather have cookies that your children can eat, then check out these edible, miniature foods for elves to make and kids to enjoy.

Gingerbread House
This adorable creation lasts all year long, since it's just made from cardboard!  The video includes tutorials for different decoration techniques.  I was inspired to make my own version last year as part of my Christmas Elf suitcase house decor.  Click the picture to see what else I made.

Berry Pies
No holiday dinner would be complete without a berry pie.  Follow Froggy as she transforms beads and glue into berries and goo.  Serve them up to your elf for a late night snack or place it on the holiday table.  Also, if you're elf comes before Thanksgiving, you can whip up a slime-based recipe for Pumpkin Pie and serve it with a lovely Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Hot Cocoa Mug
If you spend most of Nov, Dec, and Jan with the Polar Express "Hot Cocoa" song in your head, then this hot cocoa mug craft is perfect for you.  My kids especially love the miniature marshmallows.  If you prefer whipped cream in your cocoa, the Pumpkin Spice Latte video has a great tutorial.  The adorable Paper Coffee Mugs can be crafted to fit any personality or occasion.  Grab a picture off the internet with your favorite character to personalize the cups even more.

Oh, fruitcake, the underdog of Christmas foods.  Follow Froggy's directions to turn a sponge into a beautiful cake.  Display them with a real slice of fruitcake to allow your children to try a new type of food.

Turkey Lunch Tray
The craft video shows you how to make a school lunch tray with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, veggies, and more.  Use the same ideas to make a plate of food, a TV tray, or an entire feast (get the whole roast turkey tutorial here).

Christmas Pajamas
If you have multiple Elves or beloved Barbie dolls, you can make them all matching Christmas PJs with this simple tutorial.  If you're anything like me, you'll be raiding your kids' clothes looking for outgrown clothes to cannibalize for Elf clothes.  Print off the pattern pieces on Froggy's blog.

Elf Costume
This video was my inspiration for turning a Barbie doll into an Elf.  I really liked how she made the leggings and green top.  Last year, I made my own version with yellow children's tights and a handknit top.  This year, I'm trying something else, so I'll post about that when I get it done.  Click the picture to see more of Hope's 1st visit.

Ugly Christmas Sweater
I just bought some crazy socks from the Dollar Store to try this sweater tutorial.  I'm excited to try it out soon and have it ready for Dec. 20 (2019). National Ugly Sweater Day.  Grab some free printable signs from A Little of This and That here.

Santa Hat
This is a quick craft will have you covering every head in your home with a Santa or Elf hat.  For a skiing, sledding, or outdoor scene, this tutorial for a cute animal head hat would also make a great Elf accessory.

Winter Outfit
Perfect for hanging out by the fireside, this winter outfit of sweatshirt, lounge pants, hat, and more is easy to make out of recycled clothes.  If you can't find enough fabric or colors in your own home, hit up the thrift stores for more choices.

Cocktail Party Dress
Whether heading to a fancy Christmas party or counting down the new year, every Barbie and Elf needs a party dress.  Froggy has a fun and easy tutorial on her Youtube channel and shows you many ways to change the dress for different designs.

Onesie PJs or Costume

I was so inspired by Froggy last year that I made a bunch of Christmas-themed costume onesies.  I enjoyed making them so much that I might make a few more this year.  Grab the free printable pattern by clicking the colored text.

Uggs Boots
Of all the tiny things Froggy creates, I find her little shoes to be one of the most impressive.  Cut from tiny patterns and hand sewn, each boots is a masterpiece, miniature creation.  Check out the video for yourself and grab the pattern on her blog to make your own.

Winter Coat
New this year, Froggy has added a long winter coat with a free pattern for your convenience.  I don't know if Elves every feel the cold, but if they do, you'll want to sew them this practical coat.  Make them in different colors to create a winter wardrobe.

Hoodie Sweatshirt
One classic look for winter is to don a sweatshirt and sweatpants.  I've been enjoying making outfits for our Elf with old t-shirts.  Perhaps I'll try experimenting with iron-on transfers like Froggy does in her video.  Get free patterns for both clothing options on her blog.

Mini Elf on the Shelf
Is there anything cuter than these mini Elf on the Shelf dolls?  The assembly of it is amazing, so click the colored link to see how she makes them.  Make a bunch and fill your house with tiny elves!

Christmas Tree Decorations
How to make miniature Christmas Tree ornaments for your elves to decorate their tree.  Simple as that.  Click the picture to see other miniature decoration ideas.

Christmas Tree
Froggy has several tutorials though the years for making different types of Christmas trees from pipe cleaner ones that you can really hand ornaments on to trendy yarn wrapped trees.  No matter what type of scene you want to set up, you'll find a tree to match.

Gifts and Stockings
You could make a large stocking for your Elf to hide in a small one to hang on their fireplace.  She also shows you how to make tiny presents for setting up a wrapping scene or a stack of gifts under the tree.

Although it's not exclusively a Christmas accessory, the fireplace is quentacentually a winter feature.  Stockings need to be hung by it, cocoa sipped next to it, and the yule log placed within it.  Of course, don't forget to include a chimney for Santa to come down.

Large Snowman
I really like this paper mache snowman made with recycled papers and toilet paper.  Perfect for a "build a snowman" scene or as an introduction to a Frosty movie night.  It's my hope to build one soon.  Or maybe a whole army of them.

Snow Globe
Using a plastic prize container from the coin machine, Froggy crafts an unbelievably tiny snow globe.  They would make a great decoration for an Elf house or to reenact a Christmas movie scene.

Amazon Packages
I almost forgot this craft!  Christmas is the biggest shopping season of the year and with more of our buying being done online Amazon boxes are becoming a common item in December.  If you're Elves have been doing some Christmas shopping, then they need some shipping boxes.  Get the printable doll-sized Amazon boxes on Froggy's blog.

Gingerbread Dollhouse
I love this cardboard room gingerbread house!  I love the peppermint sticks, the drippy frosting, and all the other details.  It would make a great place for an Elf to live.  You can buy the white hot glue for frosting from Amazon.

Toy Shop
Every time I watch this video, I'm overwhelmed with all the fabulous details in this toy shop.  All the mini toys, packaging, and layers.  The Nutcracker soldiers in the front of the store are amazing too.  I'm in love!  You have to click the link and check it out for yourself.

Ballet Studio
I was so inspired by Froggy's ballet studio that I had to make my own version with free printables for Christmas.  My version is Nutcracker themed, so it's good for the elf who has been practicing or performing in the classic ballet.  Click the picture to get my printables.

Tree Lot
If your Elf doesn't work part time at the mall as a Santa's helper, he might be employed at the Tree Lot.  Craft your own trees, print out some adorable signage, and string some lights.  This would be an adorable addition to your Barbie-size Christmas village.

Sweet Bedroom
Inspired by Penelope in Ralph Breaks the Internet, this sweet bedroom is dripping with candy, ice cream, and sweets.  The teal and brown helps get you away from the red and green trap of Christmas colors, too.  Build a bedroom or even an entire house for your elf.

Coffee Shop
This amazing "Frog-bucks" coffee shop was one of the first videos from Froggy I saw.  From this moment, I was hooked.  The shop looks so welcoming and has all of these fabulous details.  I was so inspired by her coffee shop, that I decided to make a Christmas version for my Elf.  Click the picture to grab the "Cup of Cheer" printables, which include several size and color options.

Hot Cocoa Stand
Although this craft is sized for an American Girl doll, the technique can be shrunk down to make one that's Elf sized.  Set it up next to an ice skating rink or a Christmas tree lot.  Make all sorts of yummy pastries to sell at the stand and use my free coffee printables as Christmas-themed cocoa cups.

Sweet Shop
This shop isn't specific to Christmas, but it's filled with bunches of candies and sweets.  Be inspired to make a Candy-land for the elves or have your elf working in their favorite shop.  Watch the video to get all the details.

Ski Lodge with Working Fireplace
The latest edition for 2019 is this simple fold up ski lodge.  The fireplace uses a battery operated lantern like this one to make the cozy glow of a fire.  Other features of the lodge include a working door, tall windows, stonework, and lots of wood grain scrapbook paper.

I hope you've been super inspired by all of Froggy's creativity as I always am.  I'll add more Christmas elf content as she posts more and will be adding my own tutorials and printables soon too.  Check back often!

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