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Advent Wreath Readings for Families

// Gather 'round, ye children, come
Listen to the old, old story
Of the power of death undone
By an infant born of glory
Son of God.  Son of Man //
- Andrew Peterson

The four weeks before Christmas is usually a very busy time of parties, concerts, events, performances, shopping, baking, wrapping, planning, eating, bustling, mailing, and more.  The busyness of the season is one of the biggest reasons why our family has chosen to count down the days with an Advent Wreath.  We sit in the dark, quiet our hearts, light the candle, and sing a hymn.  It's a beautiful remedy to the materialistic focus of the month.

Today, I'm guest-posting at the Hess Un-Academy to talk about our Advent Wreath tradition.  I have also given a suggestion of Bible readings to correspond to each Advent candle, so you can gather with your family every night until Christmas.  To get all my Bible reading suggestions and grab a free printable for your family, click the link.

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