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The Best Family Christmas Movies on Disney Plus

My husband has been telling us for weeks that we wouldn't be getting Disney Plus, since he didn't think we needed another video streaming option in the house (perhaps you've had similar discussions in your family).  Then, he started hearing about Mandalorian, the D+ exclusive Star Wars series, and how well done it is.  He signed us up for the free trial, and we watched the first two episodes as a date night.  He was hooked!  The next day, he bought the Ruku stick to watch Disney Plus on our TV.

Since it's almost Thanksgiving, I thought this would be a great time to make a list of Christmas movies that you can watch on Disney Plus.  Besides, we already have our tree up, so we're ready for some snuggly family movie nights.  Scroll to the bottom of the post for more movie night ideas!

Santa Buddies
My kids enjoy movies with puppies in them, so this video is exactly the thing they like to watch.  Addition videos in the series include Search for Santa Paws and Santa Paws 2 are also included in the line-up, so there's plenty of puppy cuteness for your holiday.  Parents of adopted kids should be warned that "Search for Santa Paws" has elements of "Annie" in it complete with a cruel and abusive foster parent.

I haven't watched this new Disney movies, but reviews from the internet are mixed.  The story revolves around Santa and his children, which is unique.  Some people are saying that it's similar to Elf, which is my very favorite Christmas movie.  I'm adding it to my watchlist to preview before showing it to the kids.

I'll be Home for Christmas
Families with older kids will enjoy this teen movie about what matters at Christmas time.  Johnathan Taylor Thomas's family is so desperate to get their college-aged son home for Christmas that they bribe him.  Through setbacks, capers, pranks, and more, JTT learns that Christmas is about family is worth the journey.

The Muppet Christmas Carol
I had forgotten that Muppets were owned by Disney, until I saw this video on Disney Plus.  These Jim Hansen puppets voiced by award-winning actors tell the classic story in a way it's never been told before.  It's been many years since I've watched this video, so it's on the top of my list for a family movie night with the kids.  For an added learning opportunity, watch more than one version of The Christmas Carol and compare them or listen to audiobook and compare it to the movie.

Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas
Another Christmas movie from my childhood!  Beauty and the Beast was my favorite princess movie as a girl, so the Enchanted Christmas was part of my collection.  The story takes place before Beast gets rescued from his curse, and some of the characters in the movie try to sabotage the Beast.  The movie might be scary for younger kids, as the villain is quite dark and evil.

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
This variety show turned into a movie is a time capsule of Disney characters from the 90s.  See Mickey, Goofy, and several extras in a holiday romp of skits, songs, and fun.  Disney Plus also has Twice Upon a Christmas, so you can make a double feature out of them.

Mickey's Christmas Carol
I'm excited to show my kids the classic Mickey movie with an even older story.  All your favorite cartoon friends play out the ghost tale in a light and fun way.  Check it out for yourself on Disney Plus or by clicking the link above.

The Santa Clause
The transformation of Tim Allen from workaholic, divorced dad in the toy making business to workaholic, divorced Santa in the toy building business has been a favorite Christmas movie since my childhood.  I still watch it every year.  The streaming service has also included Santa Clause 2 and Santa Clause 3 to complete the series.

The Christmas Carol
There is no shortage of Christmas Carol movies on Disney Plus!  It seems to be their favorite story to tell.  This version features Jim Carey as several characters and some slightly creepy CGI animation.  We've decided this one is a bit too scary for our kids; although, it makes my adult Christmas movie line up every year.

Home Alone
Every parents' worse nightmare and every child's dream is now available for streaming on Disney Plus.  Relive the antics of Kevin as he explores life without his family and defends his home against robbers.  It's a classic adventure that's sure to have your whole family laughing.

Of course, this isn't a Christmas movie, but since Frozen 2 will be in theaters this holiday season, I wanted to include it on my list.  We managed to avoid actually buying the princess movie all these years, so my kids are excited to have access to it on Disney Plus.  I am glad there is so much other content on the platform, though.

Honestly, I was very surprised how few Disney Christmas movies were available to watch.  The streaming service has about twice as many options as the ones I've listed here, but I still can't believe that there aren't more.  It seems like Disney hasn't made a *good* Christmas movie in years!  Maybe it's not multi-cultural enough for the global giant, but I'm still disappointed.

Am I missing any of the videos that you would have added?  Are there any that you absolutely hate?  Comment below and tell me what you think.

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