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Pizza Letter Disks

// When moon hits the sky
like a big pizza pie
that's amore //

National Pizza Day is on February 9th, just between Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine's Day.  It's a great time of year for a full moon pizza shared with the people you sort of tolerate.  It's also a great excuse to dig out the pizza learning activities (like my Pizza Fractions 3-part cards) to entice kids to work on some skill that they've gotten tired of rehearsing.  Today's free printable focuses on the alphabet!

As I'm sure readers to this blog have seen, I LOVE making Montessori-inspired movable alphabets (by the way- the different spellings I use for "moveable" is the fault of my British scrapbook program as it uses the "ea" instead of the American way).  The letter cards and wood disks are great for letter identification, sorting, fine motor skill building, and spelling.  They allow a child to work with letters without being about to correctly write them.

I'm obsessed with using these 1 inch wood disks for homeschooling!  They give such a great weight to my learning printables and help them to feel like "real" and legitimate learning tool.  I like to print my disks and cut them apart into strips.  Then, I cover each strip in packing tape and cut them out.  I use a glue stick to put a "blank" pizza on one side of the wood disks and a letter on the other side.  To avoid making a mistake, I put all of one type on the disks, and then flip all the circles over and do the other side.

Once the letters are done, you can use them for all sorts of things.  Bury them in a sensory bin and have the children take turns finding them and matching them to the pizza recording sheet, which is included in the above PDF.  You could also have them pick a letter out of the bin and trace it.  The letters can also be used for spelling words, perhaps of pizza ingredients or from a weekly list.  Smaller kids who aren't ready to work on letters can push the disks through a slot in a container to work on fine motor skills.

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