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Valentine's Day Cookie Letter Tracing Cards

I can hardly believe that it's almost Valentine's Day already!  This year has been going very quickly (it must be all the crafting I've been doing).  Holidays are a great opportunity to infuse a bit of fun into your homeschooling or classroom.  One of my favorite ways to add something different is through math and reading.

For this year's Valentine's Day printable, I created some letter tracing cards to help kids work on their handwriting.  I highly recommend printing them on cardstock, laminating them, and letting kids use white board markers to write on them over and over.  My kids like to test their muscle memory and writing skills by writing on the backside too.  In the PDF, I've included a fun "cookie" backside page, so you can make the cookies look fun on both sides.

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These letter cookies would be very fun in a pretend bakery.  Combine them with the play ideas in the picture below for a complete set.  Pretend play is a sneaky way to add in some learning when kids are reluctant to try handwriting.  Make play dough and cut out cookies and decorate them with rolled snake letters.  Or have your child take orders and bring "customers" the letters they order.  Use the big letter cookies as decorations around the house or to spell out words in a banner.

I'm having a Valentine's Day sale on my Etsy shop!  Click on the picture to see all my felt play food!  Hurry!  Sale ends soon!

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