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Valentine's Day Cookies Movable Alphabet

I'm squeaking this out at the last minute, but I wanted to get these Valentine's Day heart cookie movable alphabet cards out to you before we tuck the holiday in for another year.  Movable alphabets are the Montessori way of allowing kids to practice letter identification and spelling before they are physically able to read or write.  One of my children is actually learning how to read through spelling, which makes these movable alphabet cards even more fun.  Scroll down to the bottom of the post for more card themes for every occasion.

Click the link to download the cards.  The PDF is arranged so that you have one page of letter cards and one page of "cookie" background for printing on the backside of the cards.  I recommend printing on cardstock so the paper can handle all the extra ink.  The cards can then be used to play matching games with the background helping to ensure that the front side of the card is harder to see when they're turned over.

Of course, kids can also use the cards for spelling and writing practice.  I suggest burying them in a sensory bin and having kids find the letter and record it on the included page.  They can also play pretend bakery and use the recording sheet as a way to take orders.  The little cards would work well with a sensory writing tray too.  Spell words or names with them and use them for cupcake toppers, decorations, banners, and more.

Look for more movable alphabets in the near future.  I have a few new themes in mind!  Poke around the site, too, for over 300 FREE printables for home and homeschool.

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