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Salmon Movable Alphabet

Earlier this week, I published the Montessori-inspired matching cards for the Safari Ltd Salmon life cycle figurines.  Since I already had one fish post, I thought, why not dedicate a whole week to them?  This time, we're playing around with fish eggs for some spelling practice.

Did you know that salmon eggs come in many colors from pale yellow to dark reddish-orange?  Depending on the species, salmon lay eggs between July and December.  A nest of eggs is called a "redd" and a female salmon can deposit many redds during the same year.  Some salmon can lay as many as 17,000 eggs!  Most of the eggs don't survive to even hatch, and even fewer make it to maturity and lay their own eggs, which makes every nest of eggs a tiny miracle.

To use the salmon egg letter, first download them by clicking on the colored text.  Then, print them out and use scissors to cut them apart in strips.  Apply packing tape to the printed side of the letters and use a glue stick to affix them to 1 inch wood disks.  You'll need 54 wood circles to complete one entire alphabet, but you may wish to make extra letters depending on what you want to spell.

The PDF includes blank "eggs" so you can make the printable double sided or you can put the same letter on each side or even the uppercase on one side and the lowercase on the other.  There are two colors included in the printable, so you can chose if you want to have all the letter the same color or make the upper and lowercase letters different colors.  For those who are following the Montessori method of having the vowels and consonants be different colors, you can also achieve that design with this printable.

Included in the PDF are three additional worksheets for using the letter disks.  The letters can be placed in a sensory bin or a "mystery bag" and pulled out one by one to be recorded on the matching board or written on the tracing page.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see all the freshwater fish activities for kids!

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