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Dinosaur Egg Letter Cards

I've been waiting to publish this printable for a really long time, because I kept thinking I would do something more interesting with the blog post besides just giving you the PDF.  Then, when I went to write this post, I realized that the digital scrapbook file had been corrupted, and I no longer had the original file.  As a result, the printable in the link is NOT an exact copy of the ones displayed in the picture.  Sorry.  I've done my best to remake them and added a few more options than I had before (so that's good).

Like all of my letter cards, these can be downloaded by clicking on the colored text under the picture.  Print them on cardstock for the most durability.  If you're wanting to use them for spelling, printing 2-3 copies might be a good idea.  You can organize the letters in small zip top bags to make finding the one you want a lot easier.  Cut out the eggs and use them to spell CVC words, spelling words, names, or dinosaur names (like these).

You can also use the eggs for teaching letter identification.  Put them around the house and have your child go on an egg hunt.  Or place them on the floor and ask the kid to stomp on a certain letter.  You can also use the upper and lowercase letters to play a memory match game.  Kids can use them as a reference for a sensory writing tray, making their mark in dirt or sand.  How else would you use them?  Let me know in the comments.

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