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Squirrel and Acorn Books for Autumn

The calendar has turned to September, and it's officially time to start fortifying for winter.  Few animals are as famous for their autumnal preparation like squirrels!  It's so fun to watch them scamper around the yard and woods, as they get their stashes ready for the first snowfall.  Last year, I did a bunch of squirrel printables for preschool and kindergartners, so this year I thought I'd expand the collection of ideas for include some fun picture books, too.  Here are some great ideas for creating a theme unit for your kids!

Squirrels Leap, Squirrels Sleep- this charming, rhyming book gently leads kids through the world of squirrels from playtime to bedtime.

The Busy, Little Squirrel- this board book focuses on the season of autumn as a time of preparation as the world winds down for the long sleep of winter.

Grey Squirrel Stuffed Animal- my tenderhearted daughter brought home a dead squirrel one day, so we bought her this stuffed animal instead.  It's very cuddly.  You can also get a red squirrel from the same company.

Because of an Acorn- dive into a gentle look at ecology with this short book about one acorn creating a forest of oaks.

Squirrels Go Nuts Game- move the pieces on the game board to solve the puzzles in this solo game that's especially great for homeschooling

Acorn Alphabet Sorting Toy- kids can work on learning their alphabet and the phonics sound each letter makes with this toys.

Acorn Soup Game- aimed at toddlers and preschoolers, this counting game encourages kids to work together and store up food for the winter

Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game- another great way to practice taking turns, this game also teaches patience and color matching

Wood Number Puzzle- kids can work on counting and number identification

Squirrel Balance Game- work on cause and effect with this wood balancing toy

Wood Acorns- fake acorns that you can use for counting or decor

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