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Safari Ltd South African Animals Toob Matching Cards

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Last summer, I put together this African Safari Matching Game with 3-part cards for 20 animals as part of a homeschool summer camp blog hop.  Recently, I discovered that Safari Ltd has released a South Africa toob of animals!  We love their toobs and used them a lot for homeschooling when the kids were younger.  They're great for sensory bins!

Since I was already going to be working on a South Africa blog post, I thought this would be a good time to add in a section with books for learning about safari animals and the country.  Below are some great books for all ages from toddler to upper elementary.  Click the colored text to find more information about any of the books.

A Kid's Guide to South Africa
This travel guide is aimed at elementary kids to help them get excited about their African safari.  It would also be good for a school report or general learning about t…

Pie Letter Disks for Pi Day!

I've been over my head in pies lately, having just completed an order of eighteen mini pie fascinator hats and several larger pies for my new Etsy shop.  I'm either thinking about pie, crafting pies, or working with pie images all the time!  All this pie stuff reminded me that it's almost PI Day (March 14)- the day we celebrate the PI sign, learn about circles, and eat pie.

Of course, just because a day is focused on math doesn't mean that it's not a good day for some fun reading activities!  As readers of my blog know, I'm crazy about Montessori-inspired movable alphabet sets.  I have almost created one for every theme!  Just this month, I've added a Valentine's Day cookie set and a pizza disk printable!  Kids love having new letter learning resources when they're trying to master the alphabet.  These disks are also great for spelling games!

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Teaching Kids about World War Two Airplanes

My 7 year old son has recently stated that he wants to be a WW2 pilot when he grows up.  He loves studying the differences between all the planes and flying them with his Dad on the flight simulator.  He's constantly talking about them, asking me questions, and correcting my answers (haha).  We recently took the family to the Seattle area (read all about it on my travel blog- Party Through the USA) and spent the weekend at two airplane museums.  One of them was exclusively about WW2 airplanes and tanks!

World War Two Encyclopedia  <>  Small Die Cast Airplanes
Airplanes of the Second World War Coloring Book
Aircraft: A Definitive Visual History  <>  Mini Die Cast Planes
Airplanes of WW2 Puzzle  <>  P-38 Die Cast Model and Runway
WW2 Plane Spotter Playing Cards  <>  Pull-Back WW2 Airplanes
I thought since my son is so interested in planes that now would be a great time to make a resource guide for parents who also have miniature "flyboys" in their life.…

Valentine's Day Cookies Movable Alphabet

I'm squeaking this out at the last minute, but I wanted to get these Valentine's Day heart cookie movable alphabet cards out to you before we tuck the holiday in for another year.  Movable alphabets are the Montessori way of allowing kids to practice letter identification and spelling before they are physically able to read or write.  One of my children is actually learning how to read through spelling, which makes these movable alphabet cards even more fun.  Scroll down to the bottom of the post for more card themes for every occasion.

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Click the link to download the cards.  The PDF is arranged so that you have one page of letter cards and one page of "cookie" background for printing on the backside of the cards.  I recommend printing on cardstock so the paper can handle all the extra ink.  The cards can then be used to play matching games with the background helping to ensure that the front side of the card is har…

Valentine's Day Cookie Letter Tracing Cards

I can hardly believe that it's almost Valentine's Day already!  This year has been going very quickly (it must be all the crafting I've been doing).  Holidays are a great opportunity to infuse a bit of fun into your homeschooling or classroom.  One of my favorite ways to add something different is through math and reading.

For this year's Valentine's Day printable, I created some letter tracing cards to help kids work on their handwriting.  I highly recommend printing them on cardstock, laminating them, and letting kids use white board markers to write on them over and over.  My kids like to test their muscle memory and writing skills by writing on the backside too.  In the PDF, I've included a fun "cookie" backside page, so you can make the cookies look fun on both sides.

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Cookie Math Set

These letter co…

Pizza Letter Disks

// When moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie that's amore //
National Pizza Day is on February 9th, just between Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine's Day.  It's a great time of year for a full moon pizza shared with the people you sort of tolerate.  It's also a great excuse to dig out the pizza learning activities (like my Pizza Fractions 3-part cards) to entice kids to work on some skill that they've gotten tired of rehearsing.  Today's free printable focuses on the alphabet!

As I'm sure readers to this blog have seen, I LOVE making Montessori-inspired movable alphabets (by the way- the different spellings I use for "moveable" is the fault of my British scrapbook program as it uses the "ea" instead of the American way).  The letter cards and wood disks are great for letter identification, sorting, fine motor skill building, and spelling.  They allow a child to work with letters without being about to correctly write them.

> > > Cli…

Pizza Learning Ideas

National Pizza Day is February 9th, but you don't have to wait a whole year to celebrate the delicious, hot mess that is pizza!  Whether your focus is pretend play, fractions, fun ways to practice spelling, or whatever, you'll find some great ideas here for all kids.  Click on the square pictures below and the colored text to access more content.

An InLinkz Link-up

World Pizza book  <>  Pizza Counting book
Let's Make Pizza Cookbook
Melissa and Doug Wood Pizza Set
Duplo Pizza Stand  <>  Pizza Fractions
Melissa and Doug Pizza Seasoning Set
Barbie Pizza Set  <>  Pizza Party game
Lego Minifigure Pizza Man