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Garden Make 10 Printable Math Game

I'm continuing the garden theme this week (I promised to go all month) with several games that you can play with your kids to sneak in some great learning in a fun way.  Today, we have more math activities to work on some basics- a Make 10 Game!  It's a super easy game to play with early elementary aged kids, but there are also lots of other things you can do with the set too.  The set features 100 wood disks (I bought mine from Etsy) made into 100 fruit and vegetable rounds with numbers 1-9 and bunnies on the opposite side.

To assemble your Make 10 game, print the entire PDF single-sided on cardstock.  You'll also need the 100 wood disks, packing tape, and a glue stick.  Each wood disk will have a fruit or veggie one side and a number 1-9 or bunny on the other side.  I recommend working with one fruit or veggie at at time, cutting them out by strips (2 for each one) and covering the front side of the printable with packing tape.  Then, cut out all 10 veggie circles and g…

Math in the Garden Printable Activities

It's SPRING!!!!  Even though it's snowed every day this week, it's now April and time for spring activities like gardening.  Since I tend to kill every plant I touch, I bought this garden clip art pack to create some themed learning printables instead.  I have lots of fun plans for the whole month, covering many different subjects.

Even though I have a "brown thumb," I still fully support kids playing with garden toys, planting their own gardens, and learning about plants.  This is a great time of the year to try some kitchen scrap replanting or starting seeds to transfer outside when it gets warmer.  Check out this list of fun garden tools below and click the colored text to read more.

Kid-Sized Picnic Table and Umbrella
Veggie Sort Game  <>  Kid Planting Table
Farmer's Market Color Sort Toy
Plant Life Cycle Figurines  <>  Butterfly Garden
Fairy Garden Planter and Accessories
Pizza Herb Garden  <>  Garden Tools
Dinosaur Garden  <>  Root Vie…

Celebrating Easter in Isolation from A-Z

Easter is two weeks from today, but it looks like we're still going to be in isolation on that day.  All around the United States and the world, governments are constraining their citizens to home with "shelter in place" orders and quarantines.  Our entire lives have changed in a very short amount of time as the entire world reacts to Covid-19.  Unfortunately, our Easter Sunday traditions are going to have to change as well.

A time of great change is also a time of new memories and traditions.  Many of the things you already do can be slightly modified to make them acceptable for quarantine time.  Other things can be different, but still amazing.  It's also a good time to talk about history and some of the challenging Easter Sundays throughout time.  Draw near to your family and make some great memories with this A-Z list!

In many churches, Easter morning service includes some sort of "Passion Play" (not affiliated with the church) or special drama for all…

100 Fine Motor Busy Bin Activities

I started this blog post MONTHS ago, when I was doing all the fine motor work to get ready for the new school year.  As part of our homeschooling plan for this year, we were planning to use "fine motor tubs" (sometimes called busy bins) to keep the kids working even when I'm not working one-on-one with them.  My main qualification for the bins was something the kids could do on their own and needed to be mostly quiet.  You can read about my thought process more by clicking on the picture or colored text below.

Using Fine Motor Bins in Homeschooling

Now that all the kids are out of school for the current issue, building and maintaining fine motor skills is even more important.  It's so tempting to hand our kids the phones and devices and let them play game or do all their learning on internet.  Although it's fine to do some learning and fun on devices, it's even more important for kids to spend a lot of time doing gross and fine motor skill building!

Not only …