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Bugs Learning Ideas

Called "mini beasts" in some parts of the world and "bugs" in others, insects and other tiny crawling things are like magnets for kids.  If you're kids love to bug hunt or are interested in learning about honey production, webs, or worms, this is the place for you!  Click on any picture to go to the post.

I also highly recommend this Montessori-inspired Arthropod printables bundle from Every Star is Different.  The packet covers spiders, scorpions, insects, crustaceans, and myriapods, and contains over 400 pages of printables for preschoolers and elementary kids.  The bundle is great for homeschoolers since you only need to purchase one set for the whole family!  Click on the picture or the colored text to learn more.

*Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids is an affiliate of Every Star is Different and will receive a small commission for every purchase made through this link.*

Bug Net  ⧫  Sunny Bug House    Worm Farm

Cargo Vest  ⧫  Magnifying Glass    Spider  ⧫   Giant Bugs

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