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Resources for Learning About Whales

Ever since our vacation to the Oregon Coast last month, we've been talking about whales.  This week, I've also been blogging about them.  In my research for our trip, I ran into this awesome website called Thirteen Whales You Can See in the Pacific Northwest.  As the name states, it lists the 13 species and talks about how common they are to the area and where you're most likely to see them.  If you're heading to that part of the country in the future, check out the list.

For today's post, I thought I'd put together a quick roundup of some ways that you can study about whales with your kids.  This could be part of an ocean unit or perhaps a lesson on marine mammals.  To begin, here are some books and toys with a whale theme.

I also reached out to my friends in the Kid Blogger Network for their printables and ideas.  I enjoy putting other people's ideas together into themes and helping my readers plan their school year.  Let me know in the comments what themes you would like to see next!

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