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Lollipop Letters

This Saturday, July 20th, is National Lollipop Day!  It's Dragonfly's favorite day, so she asked me to make some lollipop printables for my readers.  Today, I'm giving you a Montessori-inspired Moveable Alphabet set with lots of fun lollipop letters!

In Montessori method, the moveable alphabet letters are used for helping a child "write" and spell words without having to hand write them.  It encourages kids to express themselves and put labels on objects before they're physically ready to hold a pencil or able to write well.  These lollipop letters can be used in a similar way to spell sight words, phonics lessons, or a child's name.

The letters can also be used with early learners to help them identify the alphabet.  The parent can present the lollies as flashcards and ask the child to name them.  The teacher and children could also play a memory matching game with some or all of the letters to work on identifying upper and lowercase letters.

> > > Download PDF Here < < <

It's been a crazy week, and I didn't get around to actually building this printable for pictures.  You all will just have to print and build them for yourself!  I recommend cutting out a letter circle and a plain circle and sandwiching a lollipop stick between them.  Once they're on the candy stick, you can push them into floral foam to stand them upright.  All set for a pretend candy store!

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