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Dinosaur Science Books for Kids

I don't know why, but summertime always feels like a great time to study dinosaurs.  Early this week, I posted our Dinosaur Museum Bucket List on my travel blog, so I thought today would be a good time to publish this post about educational dinosaur books that would be good for a homeschool classroom.  Click the colored text to read the book descriptions.

You Can be a Paleontologist- Featuring the paleontologist from Dinosaur Train, this book talks about how dinosaurs find bones, how they learn things about long dead creatures, and other questions kids have about paleontology.

Build Your Own Dinosaur Museum- Unique among the dinosaur books, this one actually asks kids to build the dinosaur skeletons and figure out where in the museum they would be displayed.  It seems like there would be a lot of play potential from this book, especially for kids who are already excited about science and pretend play.

Visual Dinosaur Encyclopedia- Anyone nuts about dinosaurs needs this visual encyclopedia with amazing pictures of more than 100 species.  It would be a great addition to any library and a fun gift for a dinosaur kid.

The Dinosaur Museum- Bring the dinosaur museum into your home with this cool dinosaur book.  It contains pop-ups, wheels, tabs, pull outs, and flaps, allowing for a completely immersive dinosaur museum experience.

Digging Up Dinosaurs- This is a classic book about how paleontologist find and dig up bones and how the fossil gets displayed at a museum.  We like this whole series (Let's Read and Find Out) for the early years.

Dinosaurs (Discovery Kids)- We love Discovery Kids books for just about any subject.  They're always full of crisp, engaging pictures that seem to draw kids into that world.

Dinosaurs!  And Other Prehistoric Creatures- Another great DK book with big pictures of dinosaurs.  This one also includes prehistoric creatures that aren't dinosaurs.

Big Book of Dinosaurs- Yet another book.  I'm not really sure what to say anymore (haha).  I also recommend "Life Size Dinosaurs" for an up close look at a few dinosaurs.

Fossil Huntress- This biographical picture book comes with STEM activities for kids and questions to help them explore the world of paleontology.  I like that it features a tough girl, who worked hard to make a difference in her field of study.  It seems like a great book for encouraging women in science.

Safari Ltd Dinosaur Toobs- We've been in love with Safari Ltd products for years!  These tiny, but so detailed, figurines are great for sensory bins, learning their names, matching them to printable cards, playing in messy situations, and more.

  I had thought I'd do a theme week like I've been doing all summer, but I ran out of summer!  I'm planning on doing some more dinosaur homeschooling things in the near future.  In the meantime, you might be interested in these raur-some toys.

Dinosaur Toys that Teach // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids // Dinosaur toys don't have to just roar, they can also be great for teaching kids about prehistoric times.  From DNA to animal anatomy to the formation of fossils, dinosaur toys have a lot to teach us.

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