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Freshwater Fish Learning Ideas

I live in the Western USA, I've mostly focused on fish from this part of the world.  Trout, sturgeon, salmon, and bass are the most common sportsman fish, so they're the ones included on this blog.  Click the pictures to visit the posts.

If you love Montessori printables, there are few better resources than Renae at Every Star is Different.  She (and her whole family) create these huge packets of learning materials on all different subjects.  Her fish pack is no exception.   It contains 3-part cards with descriptions to sort freshwater and saltwater fish.  It also includes a sort for fish vs other animals that look like fish but aren't actually fish.  There are a series of fact cards for kids to guess which fish is being described and a match up for fish and the dangers they face.  Be sure to check out all her other resources when you click the link below.

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