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Giant 100-Chart Poster

This blog post has been two years in the making.  I created this 100-chart (actually 100 plus) last summer for our homeschool classroom, but I never got around to blogging about it.  I'm glad I waited because my original poster didn't last the kids, so I am trying again this year.  All the kids are ready for the 100-chart, and we've already gotten more use out of the poster this month than we did all last year.

If you're in the market for a super huge poster, this 30x40 inch poster is just what you need.  I recommend getting the posters printed at your local office supply store.  Although they don't advise you to print posters in the "architectural blueprints" mode, but I've found that it works pretty well and is a lot cheaper than an official "poster" print.  Then, I have the store laminate for it for us (last year, I framed it- that was bad) and use 3M adhesive strips to attach it to our wall.  Easy peasy!

With this big number chart on the wall, it's a great opportunity for kids to play teacher and use a DIY pointer stick.  No mater what your kids' favorite thing, you can find a fun craft for them.  Make a game of it by asking your child to solve some number sense riddles and have them point to the correct answer.  It's a great way to build math fluency!

For our own house, we went with the smaller poster, which is 2ft by 3ft.  It's a good size for the wall we have it on and big enough for the kids to use daily.  Already, we've shot our nerf-style arrows at the poster and named the number we hit.  We've played "Name that Number" and have noticed a few of the patterns.  I'd like to make a few of these DIY pointers for our games too.

I also created some silly monster cards, so you can play "what number did I munch" games.  Use teacher tack to attach the monsters to the big poster and challenge the kids to tell you what number is missing.  For an extra challenge, cover more than one number.  What other games could you play?

We're talking about the homeschool classroom all week, including more printables for the 100-chart.  Come on by for lots of Back-to-School fun!

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