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Q-Bitz Busy Box for Fine Motor Skill Building

I wrote a few days ago about how we're using busy bins as part of our homeschool day.  In that post (click the colored text to read it), I mentioned several options for building fine motor skills in sneaky ways, so that kids don't realize their working their fingers.  I'm back today with an in-depth look at one of the games in our busy bin drawers (which I'll write about more later).

My kids have been enjoying the Q-bitz game we purchased for our new homeschool year.  We have the solo game version, which comes in a nice metal tin with it's own set of challenge cards.  The boys (5 and 6) have been stacking them into pyramids, making towers, and experimenting with their own designs.  They have not been using the cards that came with the game.  After watching them struggle with the concepts, I think I've come up with a solution.

I created some "beginner" Q-bitz cards for my kids to use during school time.  Although MindWare does make a children's version of the game, the set only includes four blocks, and I'm sure my kids would get bored with it quickly.  By keeping the game cubes the same, I've allowed it to continue to grow with them and be waiting to challenge them when they feel ready for it.

The printable comes with 12 challenge cards, which are made easier for kids by including a strong divider between the cubes in the pattern, instead of letting the colors flow together like on the official cards.  You should be able to see the differences in the pictures I added to this post.  The cards are just made up from my head, but you can find them and many more ideas in the official expansion pack (which appears to be out of print- we got a second-hand set which is what started our obsession with Q-bitz).

I'm very excited about the new school year and all of our fun busy bin ideas for keeping everyone happy and at the table while we homeschool.  I'm looking forward to making and showing you more busy bins in the future as well.

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