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Apple Salt Tray with Printables

I absolutely love apples in autumn!  From the apple festival in first grade, which included apple tasting, to all the trips to the orchard in my childhood, to the first apple pie of the season, apples are the perfect way to start a new school year.  Every year, as the weather turns cooler, my thoughts turn to apples once again.  To see all the apple ideas and printables, click on the colored text.

I talked about our cinnamon apple salt tray last week in my end of the week post, but I wanted to add a free printable (did you know I have nearly 300 FREE ones).  To make the scented salt, take about an ounce of salt in a ziplock bag and add some cinnamon or other spices.  Then, add a small amount on a shallow tray and allow your child to form letters or draw pictures in the salt.

The sensory writing experience helps kids to remember the feel of the letters as they write them.  As well as being seasonal and fun, the spices add an additional sensory element to make the whole experience more memorable.  The best part is that kids can easily erase their mistakes super easily by just shaking the tray (great for kids who don't like records of their errors).

The printable cards in the above link can be used as prompts for the writing tray.  You can also laminate them and allow the children to trace the letters with a whiteboard marker for each more practice.  The PDF includes both upper and lowercase letters, which allows for a quick game of memory match or working on words.

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