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Books for Studying the American Colonies

We're continuing on with our US History curriculum and have reached the time of the 13 colonies!  I thought this week, we'd switch up the format a bit and focus on good books for kids and adults.  The period of the colonies spans over 100 years, but there are surprisingly few books for this era.  If you're wanting a book-based learning format or are working through American history like we are, here are some great ideas.

I don't always include older kids' books on my list, but I had a few suggestions so I thought I should include them.  I wouldn't recommend any of these for family read alouds. as the content is mature.  I loved the Dear America books when I was a young teen, so I'm sure I'll be referencing the books frequently throughout the year.

Novels for Older Children

Dear America: I Walk in Dread (Salem Witch Trials)

I always try to include adult fiction in my book lists as well.  I've been trying to read through the time periods in novels as we read them in our history book.  Here are my recommendations for the colonial time period.

My Name is Resolute- witch hunts, indentured servants, seedlings of the revolution

The Indigo Girl- plantations, indigo production, politics

Flight of the Sparrow- Native Americans, capture, Puritan lifestyle

Place Called Freedom- indentured servants, Scottish coal mining, slavery

Every week, I've been trying to put together a fine motor activity for the kids that relates a bit to our history lessons.  There were probably more interesting fine motor things that we could have done, but this ice cube tray was handy and easy.  The kids "planted" the seeds into each hole, being careful to only put one seed in each hole.  We talked briefly about planting and harvesting.

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