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Charlotte's Web Spelling Activity

There is a profile on Instagram that puts together fun challenges every week related to something from pop culture.  This week, their theme is Charlotte's Web, the classic farm life book and movie.  When I saw that the theme, I knew I needed to expand on the play dough activity from Arrow and Applesauce I saw earlier this month!

This spider web spelling printable is great for a unit on Charlotte's Web and includes short themed words from the book.  Words like "pig," "farm," "web," and more can be spelled out using the fun spider letter cards.  The webs can also be used for a spider theme unit, perfect for fall!

> > > Download PDF Here < < <

To set up the activity for your kids, simply download the PDF from the above link and print it out.  You can laminate it for durability, but it's necessary.  Cut everything out and hand your child one spider web at a time.  Encourage them to match the spider letters to the ones on the web and spell the word.  The word webs could also be used as a vocabulary bank for storytelling or journaling.

I didn't have any plastic spiders when I was putting together this activity, which the kids and I agreed was a disappointment.  Although it's not necessary, a spider or two would help set the mood.  If you're looking for fun ideas to add to your Charlotte's web or spider unit study, check out these informative books and fun learning toys.

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