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Pretend Pet Leashes

I wrote this post several years ago and just found it when I was "cleaning out" my old blog to move things here.  I'm not sure why I never posted it.  Dragonfly still loves them and asks me to make more of them all the time.

The leash is made from a 1-inch ribbon.  I used my machine to put a "handle" loop on one end, then added a key ring and tacked that down on the other end.  The key rings and clasp came from a pack that I found at Walmart, but I think these lobster clasps would work better.  The leash is about 3ft long* and just right for Dragonfly to drag around.

*Strangulation danger*

The collar is made from 3/4-inch ribbon.  I added a plastic buckle on each end, sewing the loops with the machine.  The leash and the collar probably took me ten minutes, including the time to gather the supplies and set up the machine.  Very easy, but so cute.

Maybe I decided not to publish because the post was so short.  It's a great stocking stuffer for Christmas or just a small project to do something silly and fun for your kids.  Tell me in the comments if you made one for your child's toys.

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