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American Revolution Books and Videos for Kids

We have had the strangest few weeks.  I had intended to make a blog post for each unit in our history book, but that's just not happening (best laid plans, right?).  Between company, sickness, and general upheaval, we're barely managing to keep moving forward in our book.

The last few units have been focused on the lead up to the American Revolution, the war, and the building of a new government.  It's my least favorite US history time period.  I'm not sure why.  I've gathered up a few awesome books, though, by people who do love early American history and want kids to love it too.  Check them out by clicking the colored text below.

I love that our time period includes Youtube, which can be such a great source of learning materials.  There are quite a few Revolutionary War videos for kids; although, not every video would be good for every age group.  Parental supervision is advised.

The Townsends Youtube channel is amazing for history buffs and those who dream of being a living history actor one day (like I did as a child).  It covers so many day-to-day moments in colonial and early American life, from foods to entertainment.  The videos range from 5 minute shorts to full-length documentaries, so there's something for every attention span.  I can't wait until I have some more time to dive into this amazing selection.

I have referenced this Scholastic book on a few of my previous blog posts.  This video is a librarian reading the book aloud.  I like how the book is broken into multiple short videos, which makes it good for younger kids.  The book answers many questions that kids might have about life in colonial America, including games, schooling, chores, and more.

Probably one of the classic children's videos about the American Revolution, Liberty Kids is now available for free on Youtube!

This is a demonstration video for a living history event, so it's a bit slow.  I would only do this with kids who are interested in clothes or who can follow the slower pace.  I liked the layers of clothing starting from infant all the way to adult and how the requirements changed as kids grew.  I also recommend this women's dressing video, which shows every layer in order.  As my kids remarked, there's a lot of tying!

This is a great overview of the events leading up to the American Revolution.  I like the use of historical paintings to tell the story.  It's a great way to introduce kids to the events as well as expose them to paintings that they might not see otherwise.

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