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Snowman Cookies and Cocoa Felt Food Pattern

Winter always makes me want to dig out the felt and start hand sewing projects.  I love creating magic with sheets of felt and thread!  It's usually short projects that can be completed in an evening (compared to my knitting that takes many months) and they're just so adorable when I get done.  I've got a very wintery craft to share with you today- snowman cookies and cocoa!


- 2mm thick felt in cream and red

- 1mm thick felt in white and brown

- scraps of 1mm thick felt in orange and black

- sewing threads in black, orange, white, cream, and brown

- hand sewing needles (or sewing machine)

- straight pins

- packaging tape

- sharp fabric scissors

- polyfil stuffing (optional)

- printed pattern (scroll to download)

Cut the Pattern
After printing the pattern pieces, cut each of them out individually and lay them on the table in front of you.  I like to use the packaging tape to adhere the pattern pieces to the felt before cutting them out.  It makes it so much easier and the tiny parts don't get warped by using pins.  If you're more comfortable using straight pins, then use them.  Cut them out according to the following guide-

RED- cup sides and bottom (1 per cup)

WHITE- cookie frosting (1 per cookie) and marshmallow (q per cup)

BROWN- don't cut anything yet

CREAM- 3 cookie rounds for each cookie

Snowman Cookie Faces
To make the adorable snowman faces, begin by cutting out a small, skinny triangle from the orange felt.  Sew the nose onto the white frosting round with orange thread, making long, straight stitches to add texture to the carrot.  Next, cut out some tiny, irregular shapes out of black felt and stitch them onto the frosting with black thread to make eyes and a smile.  The kids decided that they liked the smiles made out of 4 "lumps of coal" better than they liked the one with 3 or 5 pieces.  You can make them however you'd like.

Take one cream felt circle and center the frosting piece onto it.  Use straight pins to hold it in place, then stitch around the outside of the frosting with white thread.  I used a small backstitch, which is accomplished by going backward a quarter inch on the top, then forward a half inch on the underside.  Essentially, you're moving forward "2" and then back "1."  If my explanations is completely wrong, you can watch a Youtube video like this one from Red Ted Art to see the right way to do it.  The backstitch gives you a strong seam that is good for kids' toys.

Snowman Cookies
Stack two cream cookie rounds on top of each other and place a frosted "cookie" on top.  Pin the the three layers and sew them together with cream thread.  I used a backstitch through all layers on the edge of the cookie, but you could also whipstitch around the edge.  Tada!  You've made a cookie!  Repeat with remaining cookies to make as many as you'd like.

Vary the cookies by making them in different shapes or even just by using printed felt to make a fun frosting pattern.  Alternate brown and white to make sandwich cookies or cut a shape from the middle of one to make a jelly shortbread cookie.  To see other felt foods you can make with a circle, check out my other felt food tutorials.

Hot Cocoa Cup Outside
To start the hot cocoa cup, take the red side piece and decide whether you want to add any decoration on the cup.  You could add embroidery snowflakes, sequins, or a cup sleeve.  I added a snowflake by printing one from a website like Craft Starters.  I used a tiny bit of glue on the fat part of the snowflake to hold it on while I stitched it on.

I included a flap on the pattern piece to help you sew the edges together, but I didn't end up using it myself.  Match the short edges of the cup piece to themselves, right side together, and sew them together.  I used a backstitch again, which made a tight even stitch.  You could also whipstitch around the edges, but it could cause gaping.  Flip the sewn tube right side out and set aside.

Snowman Marshmallow
To make the snowman marshmallow topper for the hot cocoa, get the tiny white circle from your stash.  Either use embroidery floss or double the sewing thread to stitch a face onto the circle.  This is an optional step, of course.  You could make a plain marshmallow or not put one in the cup at all.  You could also make more than one.  If you'd like to make extra marshmallows, grab the pattern from my felt S'more tutorial.

I wanted to make my marshmallow look like it was sunk into the cocoa, so I made it very short.  I cut a 1/4 inch strip of white felt and coiled it until it was large enough to fit the marshmallow face piece.  Stitch the end of the strip to the rest of the coil and whipstitch the snowman face to the coil.  Set aside for later.

Hot Cocoa Insides
Making the hot cocoa cup insides is the most complicated part of this tutorial.  The easiest way is to fill the inside with polyfil stuffing.  I wanted my cup to be stiffer, so it had some integrity when kids played with it.  In order to make the cup firm, I rolled extra felt into a cylinder, cutting part of it away to make a taper.  It look quite a bit of fiddling to make the inside match the shape of the cup, but I'm satisfied with the way it worked out.

Once you decide that the inside looks the way you want, trace the top of it into a piece of paper.  Cut out the shape and tape it to the brown felt.  Cut out the circle and sew the snowman marshmallow to the cocoa piece.  With brown thread, sew the cocoa topper to the inside coil.

Finishing Hot Cocoa
Situate the inside of the cocoa into the red cup.  Using red thread, fold down the top of the cup and stitch it to the cup to make a nice, thick edge.  Lastly, turn the cup upside down and attach the red cup bottom onto the cup.  You're done!  Make as many cups as you want in different designs and colors to make an entire collection for your play kitchen.

Did you know I have an Etsy shop?  The store is called "Missy's Felt Market," and it specializes in play food, just like the ones featured in this post!  Each item is lovingly made by myself with wool blend felt and hand sewn stitches.  I don't make it until you order it, so I can create it to your specifications.  See all the fun, play food options by clicking the picture or on the colored text.

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