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The Best Star Wars Gift Guide Yet- Baby Yoda

Every Friday, my husband and I have a date night to watch "The Mandalorian" from Disney Plus.  My husband really enjoys the show; although, I don't appreciate it was much.  We both agree that Baby Yoda (known as "the child" in the show) is the cutest creature in the Star Wars universe.  If you like babies, or Baby Yoda, or have some Science Fiction nerds on your gift-giving list, you'll enjoy this gift guide of Star Wars products.  Click the colored text to learn more about the merchandise.

If you don't want to wait until May 2020 for the official Baby Yoda product, you can make your own with this fun pattern from My Froggy Stuff.  I've featured this creative and inspirational blogger/crafter/youtuber on my blog several times before, and I'm always excited to share her amazing crafts with you.  She recently released a tutorial and pattern for Baby Yoda, which you can find in the video below or by clicking the colored text.  She has other Star Wars miniature crafts, which can be found on her Youtube channel.

Perhaps you're just a big Star Wars nerd who now has some tiny offspring, your own Baby Yoda.  It's never too early to start indoctrinating them into geek culture (check out this book!) and bedecking them in all the Star Wars clothing you can get your hands on.  If your kids are a bit older and looking for preschool toys, I've got you covered.  Click the colored text to read all about them.

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