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Safari Ltd SOUTH AFRICAN Animals Toob Matching Cards

Last summer, I put together this African Safari Matching Game with 3-part cards for 20 animals as part of a homeschool summer camp blog hop.  Recently, I discovered that Safari Ltd has released a South Africa toob of animals!  We love their toobs and used them a lot for homeschooling when the kids were younger.  They're great for sensory bins!

Since I was already going to be working on a South Africa blog post, I thought this would be a good time to add in a section with books for learning about safari animals and the country.  Below are some great books for all ages from toddler to upper elementary.  Click the colored text to find more information about any of the books.

*Not a sponsored post.  Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids does not have a partnership with Safari Ltd at this time*

A Kid's Guide to South Africa
This travel guide is aimed at elementary kids to help them get excited about their African safari.  It would also be good for a school report or general learning about the area.

So Safari, So Good: All About African Wildlife
Learn and play with Cat in the Hat as you explore life on the Savannah.  From the six kinds of antelope to the difference between black and white rhinos (both of which are grey) and many other amazing facts about African Wildlife.  A must for every library.

Lonely Planet: Let's Explore Safari
This would be a great activity book to take on your long airplane ride to Africa.  It's filled with puzzles, animals to spot, stickers, and more fun.  Learn while you play!

Who Was Nelson Mandela?
Part of the famed "Who Was?" series, this book covers interesting facts about Nelson Mandela, apartheid, and life in South Africa.

Over in the Grassland : on an African Safari
Cut paper illustrations create the Savannah animals in this beautiful book.  Find all the creatures and learn more about where they live.  Aimed at kindergarten and early elementary.

We All Went on Safari
Although this book is set in Tanzania and not South Africa, I decided to include it in this blog post because the book talks about many of the same animals as the ones included in the toob.  With text in both English and Swahili, this counting book is sure to delight children of all ages.

Here is the African Savannah
This book focuses on the interconnections between the animals of the Savannah.  From the grass that the antelope eat to the dung beetles that feast on the mighty elephant's poop- this books is a great explanation of "The Circle of Life."

One Day on Our Planet: The Savannah
Follow a lion cub around her homeland from dawn to dusk.  Watch as she plays with her father, learns to mind his mother, and causes trouble with his friends.  This gentle look at the ecology of the Savannah, perfect for kindergartners.

Poke-the-Dot: Safari
Aimed at preschoolers, this interactive bubble popping book encourages singing, counting, and play.  Sing the "Wheels on the Bus" song and count all the safari animals.  Great for sensory seeking kids, too!

Schleich Giraffe Toys
These solid plastic toys are great for sensory bins, messy play, bath time, outdoors, and anytime.  They'll even survive being run over by a car!  Check out the whole collection by clicking the colored text.

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After you've put in your email address into the box, check your inbox for the confirmation email.  Open the email and click on the button to confirm your subscription.  You'll get a second email with a link to download the printable.  Download the PDF (personal use only, please).  Then, print the PDF and laminate it for durability.  Cut out all the cards with labels, pictures, and labels (3 parts).  The child can use the cards to match the figurines from the toob and can work on reading the label to match the picture and figurine from the Safari Ltd South Africa Animals Toob to the label.  Kids can also work on spelling the animal names with movable alphabet cards too.  What other ways can you think of to use the cards?

I also have Montessori 3-part cards for almost every animal toob that Safari Ltd has made!  They're great for learning about habitats and geography, working on reading and spelling, and just simply matching.  The figurines are also great for sensory bins and messy play.  Click on the picture or colored text to see all my FREE 3-part cards.

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Montessori-inspired 3-part cards from Safari Ltd South Africa animals toob.  Printable cards match the plastic figurines, which can also be used for sensory bins, messy play, and more.

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