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Pie Letter Disks for Pi Day!

I've been over my head in pies lately, having just completed an order of eighteen mini pie fascinator hats and several larger pies for my new Etsy shop.  I'm either thinking about pie, crafting pies, or working with pie images all the time!  All this pie stuff reminded me that it's almost PI Day (March 14)- the day we celebrate the PI sign, learn about circles, and eat pie.

Of course, just because a day is focused on math doesn't mean that it's not a good day for some fun reading activities!  As readers of my blog know, I'm crazy about Montessori-inspired movable alphabet sets.  I have almost created one for every theme!  Just this month, I've added a Valentine's Day cookie set and a pizza disk printable!  Kids love having new letter learning resources when they're trying to master the alphabet.  These disks are also great for spelling games!

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Get the password to enter in the password-protected webpage and download the PDF (personal use only, please).  Print all the pages, and cut the circles apart in rows.  Use packing tape to cover the front printed side of the circles to add a bit of waterproofing and help them stay nicer.  Cut out the circles.  Affix them to 1 inch wood disks with a glue stick.  Work one side at a time, so you don't get confused.  Put the plain pie on one side and the letter on the other.

The letter disks can be used for many different activities.  Hide them in flour and have kids try to dig them out (or use salt for less mess).  They can mark what letters they've found on the recording sheets included in the PDF.  Kids can also trace the letters they find to practice writing them.  These disks would also be fun for a simple matching game.  How else would you use them?

Pies aren't the only way to celebrate Pi Day!  There are book, novelty items, party supplies, and more!  Anyway you want to observe 3.14 day, you'll find lots of ideas through the links above and the related content below!  Tell me how you celebrate in the comments.

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